Mediterranean Mustard

Mediterranean Mustard Made the Way It Should Be

With three unique flavor options to choose from, you’ll find a Vrisi 36 Mediterranean mustard that will add a taste of the Mediterranean to whatever recipe you’re planning. Our mustards make a great, heart-healthy substitute for your go-to sandwich spread, or a flavorful marinade for your favorite chicken or seafood dish. This isn’t your standard mustard — try our delectable, dynamite flavors for yourself!

Take a look at the labels of our Mediterranean mustards, and you’ll see we use only the most simple, recognizable ingredients to make our Mediterranean mustards — just olive oil, balsamic vinegar, water, honey, mustard seeds, herbs and spices. After all, we think you deserve to know exactly what’s in your food.

Use our Vrisi 36 mustard as a marinadeShop your local Whole Foods Market for Vrisi 36 Mediterranean mustards, or contact us to learn how to bring Vrisi 36 to your store or a store near you.

Vrisi 36 Mediterranean Mustard

  • 7 oz. Tomato, Basil & Olive Paste
  • 7 oz. Chili and Paprika
  • 7 oz. Honey Mustard

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    1/3 cup cream 2/3 cup milk 9 oz. bitter chocolate 1/3 cup VRISI 36 olive oil cocoa, pure

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